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Mobilewatch support service is integral part of our Managed Services portfolio. Our support packages are designed to address default and bespoke problems ranging from infrastructure and development support to change management issues. Our multi-tiered support packages are available both remotely and as on-site options.



 Does the Mobilewatch technology break any privacy laws?

A1: No. Mobilewatch is a passive system, which means that the detected device cannot be intercepted or controlled, its data captured and a person identified, or data pushed to the user, unless there is a specific permission from the user.


How does the Mobilewatch compare with other indoor positioning systems?

A2: Mobilewatch has two distinct features that competing products don’t. The technology detects all signals (cellular, wireless, Bluetooth) simultaneously and precisely locates the device in controlled area as opposed to giving its proximity.


How does Mobilewatch locate a cellular signal?

A3: The technology connects a cellular signal to a wireless signal pairing them together. Mobilewatch is not an IMSI grabber, which identifies devices based on cellular signals only and typically requires a government clearance.


 Does Mobilewatch detect switched-off devices?

A4: Similarly to all other commercial systems, the technology needs a signal from the device to detect this, which means that only powered-on devices are detected.


Does Mobilewatch integrate with other systems?

A5: Yes, the technology integrates with most third party systems ranging from mobile device management (MDM) software and access control to building management systems.

Mobilewatch’s 24/7 live monitoring gives your surveillance teams eyes, so that you can see compliant and non-compliant mobile devices, both real-time and historically, which enables organisations to make intelligent decisions based on facts and hard data for audits, investigations, and inspections by regulatory authorities.

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