The technology behind the user-friendly Mobilewatch product is complex and is designed to solve a specific regulatory challenge in the financial sector. The success of this involves bringing together our managed services portfolio, delivering customised developments and integrations with other third party systems as Mobilewatch’s key value-add.



The core delivery of the Mobilewatch technology to the end-users is through our carefully tailored and planned Managed Services (MS) portfolio.

Our MS portfolio covers:

  • Comprehensive project planning

  • Infrastructure design

  • Hardware installations

  • Software installations

  • System maintenance

  • Regular system updates

  • Remote monitoring

  • Disaster recovery

  • Subscription-based support packages



Every trading floor is different with its own specific needs, which is why an out-of-the-box product is not sufficient to address the individual needs of each financial organisation. Our experienced development team builds bespoke solutions to resolve the compliance challenges your control room is facing, bringing together skills in big data, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Our development portfolio covers:

  • Real-time applications

  • Big data applications

  • Desktop applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Web applications



Regulated areas already operate a number of surveillance technologies, which the trade floor control rooms would like to bring onto one dashboard. The Mobilewatch technology is flexible and open to integrations with multitude third party systems, bringing together a thorough business analysis, complex APIs and comprehensive testing.

Our integration portfolio covers:

  • Designing and building customised architecture or application

  • Integrations with new or existing hardware

  • Integrations with packaged or customised software

  • Integrations with communications systems

Mobilewatch’s 24/7 live monitoring gives your surveillance teams eyes, so that you can see compliant and non-compliant mobile devices, both real-time and historically, which enables organisations to make intelligent decisions based on facts and hard data for audits, investigations, and inspections by regulatory authorities.

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