Mobilewatch is a robust control mechanism that directly contributes the prevention and investigation of abusive, manipulative or illegal trading practices in the securities markets. This second line of defence technology delivers Mobile Device Compliance Control (MDCC), which helps the firms to improve their regulatory and compliance practices.


All authorised firms in the financial markets must have systems and controls in place to mitigate the risk that they might be used to commit financial crime, thereby demonstrating robust governance.


  • New internal control mechanism developed for authorised firms.

  • Demonstrates a clear proactivity and responsibility taken by senior management.

  • Manages financial crime risks ranging from unauthorised and insider trading to market abuse.

  • Addresses both high-risk products and those with less financial crime risk.

  • Can be scaled to be appropriate and proportionate to the nature of your business.


All authorised firms must adhere to the principles for businesses, which are their fundamental obligations as set out by the regulatory authorities.


  • Integral part of conduct risk management.

  • Ensures compliance to new conduct risk rules.

  • Manages conflicts of interest.

  • Prevents market abuse.

  • Building robust audit procedures around new product development processes.


FCA in the UK and other regulatory authorities around the world oblige financial organisations not to use private non-compliant devices in regulated areas. However, until now, there was no technology that makes it possible for the financial organisations to control and identify non-compliant devices on their trading floors, let alone monitor their compliance.


  • Helps to enforce this compliance obligation.

  • Delivers unprecedented compliance control.

  • Both compliant and non-compliant mobile devices in regulated areas.


All authorised firms have come across various non-compliance scenarios, which typically include executives in varied functions working alone, in collusion with another staff such as:

  • Relationship banker

  • Investment solution specialists

  • Treasury function

  • Deal-structuring specialist

  • Insider to the bank’s customer firm.


In the vast number of cases, the actual incriminating insider trading took place using the offices (and accounts) of a family member, a close associate or a partner in crime.

Mobilewatch’s 24/7 live monitoring gives your surveillance teams eyes, so that you can see compliant and non-compliant mobile devices, both real-time and historically, which enables organisations to make intelligent decisions based on facts and hard data for audits, investigations, and inspections by regulatory authorities.

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