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Mobilewatch is a versatile and powerful technology that delivers unprecedented compliance control of mobile devices in regulated areas.


Mobilewatch is a robust control mechanism that directly contributes the prevention and investigation of abusive, manipulative or illegal trading practices in the securities markets.

  • Solves the problem of managing unauthorised devices on trading floors.

  • Enables to detect and alarm on all mobile devices real-time.

  • Shows the position and address of all mobile devices real-time.

  • Controls mobile apps in regulated areas.

  • Bespoke integrations with other technologies.



Mobilewatch is a bespoke technology that we build and tailor to the specific needs of a control office and surveillance monitoring.


Our product line includes:

  • Default baseline solution.

  • Bespoke software developments.

  • Integrations with existing mobile device control technologies.



Our managed services portfolio combined with customised software development and system integrations takes care of the regulatory problem financial organisations are facing today.


Mobilewatch provides a comprehensive solution to answer to the challenge of managing mobile devices in regulated and other areas.


Mobilewatch is a new regtech company with technology solutions that deliver compliance control of mobile devices in regulated areas.


The idea of Mobilewatch was first born over 10 years ago when smartphones became a sizeable security threat in corporate boardrooms.


We came up with a solution that would enable to ‘see’ all phones in a room and differentiate between authorised and unauthorised devices.


Mobilewatch’s 24/7 live monitoring gives your surveillance teams eyes, so that you can see compliant and non-compliant mobile devices, both real-time and historically, which enables organisations to make intelligent decisions based on facts and hard data for audits, investigations, and inspections by regulatory authorities.